Police Approved

Police Approval Gained in 2013

No building can guarantee protection from determined criminals, even bank vaults can be raided. But it is reassuring to know that a DaylightSECURE Storeroom garden building was the first in the twenty five year history of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Secured by Design initiative to achieve their standard. The walls, floor, door, hinges, lock and roof were each subjected to sustained physical attacks conducted by an independent testing and certification company. Each component had to withstand specified attacks defined in a set protocol before the building could obtain an overall pass which was successfully completed in December 2103. After one year of membership of Secured by Design, having not received the marketing support promised and paying membership fees of £200 per month, Brodco elected to withdraw it’s membership of Secured by Design. Since then the product has benefited from further improvements for additional security and customer choice. In 2015 a new range of colours was introduced for the DaylightSECURE range and the DaylightSECURE Max Strongroom was launched. The Max Strongroom features a Kevlar re-enforced roof and a unique PIN coded triple accredited lock cylinder to provide ultimate security for the storage of high value items.

Our History

There was a time when garden sheds were made to last. Now you find they are made for a price, not for a purpose. There was also a time when the contents of a garden shed were limited to just a few basic garden tools; today the value can easily total thousands of pounds
Times have changed and people’s needs have changed. Today people want security. They want to enjoy their leisure time. They want to know their hard earned cash is invested wisely. They want peace of mind. For these reasons Brodco re-invented the traditional garden shed into a technically advanced, purpose made, secure garden storage building designed for city, urban or rural environments.

In 2011 Brodco’s founder Nigel Broderick purchased a wooden garden shed for just under £1,000. He was assured it would not rot within 20 years and because the timber was treated he was assured it would not ‘breathe’ with the changing weather. Unfortunately it did ‘breathe’, every time the weather changed the wood ‘breathed’, resulting in the hasp on the door having to be moved to allow the door to lock. Within six months the shed was silently broken into and property, including his bicycle, was stolen. As a previous winner of the BT Innovations Award Nigel had a history of creating new, innovative products and the theft encouraged him to design a better garden shed. As he had discovered to his cost any attempted break in should make a lot of noise; if a shed can be broken into silently using a tyre lever or similar against a hasp and staple or hinge it is favouring the criminal because criminals do not like noise.

Although security was a key factor in the design, other desirable qualities were incorporated, namely durability, low maintenance, and minimal risk of condensation. Instead of using wood, which nature designed to rot, he wanted to use modern, sustainable material wherever possible. The award winning green technology TPR composite was chosen for the wall and floor panels which require no maintenance and have exceptional thermal properties. For the roof Nigel chose a modern GRP composite to allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the inside of the shed –  so no more roofing felt to repair or replace after high winds.

With laboratory tests indicating a life of more than one hundred years for the TPR composite it is not surprising Brodco offers a Lifetime Structural Guarantee with all the DaylightSECURE buildings. Sustainable and stylish, the buildings add value to property and are much admired.

Nigel’s previous company appeared twice in the Sunday Times/Virgin Fast Track 100 list of private companies. Following the sale of the company Nigel and his wife Paula purchased a ranch in South Africa and transformed it into a reserve for endangered antelope. Today Nigel is a non executive director of the TPR manufacturing company Affresol Ltd through which he has secured rights for Brodco to use TPR in garden products.

Brodco Ltd was incorporated in 2009 as a research and development company and commenced the design and marketing of DaylightSECURE garden sheds in 2013.  All buildings are made to order in Swansea before being delivered and installed by an experienced erection team.

Brodco remains a family business with the administration based in Somerset.