What preparation is required for the base?

The base must be either concrete, paving or tarmac and it must be FLAT and LEVEL. A concrete base 4″ in depth is ideal; re-enforcement is not required as the DaylightSECURE spreads the weight evenly over the concrete. If paving is used we suggest the ground is mechanically compacted before 1″ of sand is layed and levelled to provide the base for the paving.

If an existing base is being used make sure it is FLAT and LEVEL. If the installation team have to make good a base that is not flat and level additional charges could apply. If in doubt send us a photo first.

What was tested to obtain the Secured by Design standard?

Everything. Individual attacks are targeted and timed on walls, floor, roof, doors, locks, handles, hinges and door frames. If any single attack fails the whole test fails.

Cab guttering be added?

Yes. Many of our customers have fitted guttering to their DaylightSECURE buildings. The one that appears to be most popular is the 75mm system from Polypipe ( www.polypipe.com ).

Could a thief melt or burn the walls?

TPR is made with plastic, but has completely different properties. It does not melt and has a Class E fire rating – suitable for construction.

Can I see a DaylightSecure before buying?

We don’t have a showroom but we do exhibit at events around the country. Check the Events page on this website. We may also have a customer in your area who would be willing to show you their building.

We do not use retailers because

a) we are not a volume manufacturer and
b) providing the 30-40% margin demanded by retailers would increase the price considerably.

Can I ever relocate the building?

Yes, but if you are expecting to move the shed speak to us first, we can save you a lot of frustration. Alternatively charge extra for the shed when you sell your house – you would not be the first to do this and it is a lot easier than moving it.

Can I buy replacement keys?

We supply three keys with all our buildings. You can get additional keys cut from any good locksmith for the Storeroom but a specialist is required for additional Strongroom keys and the PIN number will be required.

How many bikes can it hold?

Using our TidyUp bike hooks, the 6’ wall of a 6×6 or 6×8 will hold 3 bikes comfortably, or 4 if the heights of the hooks are staggered or the bikes are ‘top and tailed’. The 8’ wall of a 6×8 will take up to 6 bikes in the same way.

Can I screw into the walls?

Yes. You will need an electric drill using hammer action with a masonry bit.

Can I run electricity into the shed?

You can run cables through the ventilation points in the corners, or drill through the walls, run the cable through the hole and then plug the hole around the cable with the colour coded silicone provided.

How long do I need to wait to get my shed after ordering?

Lead times vary between 3 and 12 weeks dependent on the time of year. Telephone for the current lead time.

How do I pay?

Once an order is placed we schedule it for production. Full payment is requested at least 7 days before delivery, this can be by card, bank transfer or cheque. If a bespoke colour is requested we will ask for full payment with order.