The testimonials and photographs below are freely supplied by our customers. We do not disclose addresses or telephone numbers for security reasons.

J Middleton, Argyllshire



I thought I’d drop you a quick note before another day goes by to thank you for the Daylightsecure Garden shed which was installed on Saturday. We are absolutely delighted with it: and I wanted to thank you personally for all your consistent helpfulness and courtesy, including a call on Friday evening to assure me that despite traffic problems your men would be with us on Saturday morning.

And After!

I have to say your customer service is second to none! And what time Kingsley and Bibi (spelling?) had to be up and on the go on Saturday morning to be with us when they were I wouldn’t like to guess – nor what time they made it back down south. They were superb adverts for your firm, reflecting in their manner and their workmanship precisely the qualities I’ve recognised in yourself – we couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant and industrious couple of men, courteous and considerate, and always keeping me posted as to how they were doing and how they were going to address any difficulties they encountered.

They were very apologetic that the PVC ‘covers’ for the corner sections were missing, but assured me that they’ll be forwarded to me asap, and that they are not difficult to fit, and they showed me exactly what I’d need to do. Please do underline my thanks to the two of them – and please accept yourself my sincerest thanks for the quality of your workforce as well as of your products.

The end product has matched all our high expectations and we are delighted with it. My wife thought the real-life colour fits in with the rest of the garden better than she’d ever anticipated from viewing it on-line, and is so pleased with the high quality of the bright and spacious shed that she was (only half jokingly) beginning to think in terms of overflow sleeping accommodation!!

R Pearson-Young, Cheshire

Pearson Young 6x10 DaylightSECURE

We are very pleased with our Brodco shed. Having had all our bikes stolen we were determined to make them safe.
We feel safe with the Brodco.
It feels as if it will wear much better than a traditional wooden shed and we don’t need to bother painting it, which is excellent.
It looks good in the garden.
Light coming through the roof is an added benefit as we can see what we are doing, whereas in a wooden shed it is hard to see so clearly.
We feel we have made an investment that is worthwhile and long lasting.
Well worth the money.

Mrs Gladwyn, London

Gladwyn 314

We call it the Wundashed (we really do)
Your qualified installation team assembled the shed quickly and efficiently.
TPR insulation and the DaylightSECURE roof enable me to work for a couple of hours in comfort in natural light every day of the year.
Brodco’s design and non slip fittings impressed us so much that we bought a second Brodco shed.
The full height DaylightSECURE roof means no dark corners, no stooping – and a wide door for easy access.
Thanks to the police award we can store what we wish with confidence. No more padlocks.



L. Butler, Yorkshire

Secure Bike Storage 314

It was a big decision as there were cheaper options. But now every time I lock the door and walk away I know I made the right choice.

M. Hall, Derbyshire

Cusack 314

Never has ‘you get what you pay for’ been more true and a lifetime of use is the reward. I have no hesitation in recommending the Daylight Secure or dealings with Brodco people.





R. Smith, Gloucestershire

R Smith 8x12 DaylightSECURE

Extremely pleased with my Double Daylight Secure-so much more confidence in its security than any wooden shed. Amazed at the amount of daylight the roof lets in which means unlit tinkering can go on well into the evening. Brilliantly designed and extremely easy to keep clean, just move a few things outside and set to with the hose. Would strongly recommend the “imposing” floor rings to lash down valuable bikes, mowers, and other expensive garden machinery. Cannot praise highly enough and, despite the truly hideous weather when mine went up, the guys who did it remained cheerful (somehow) and their attention to detail and the finer points of tidying up and not trampling the garden was to be applauded.
Very happy with my investment in a Brodco shed.


P Roach

Roach 314

I was fed up with having bikes stolen from the shed at the end of my garden and had taken to keeping the more expensive ones in the house while I found a way of storing them securely outside. I was looking at various options when I saw this at Hampton Court Flower Show and realised it was just what I needed.
I duly ordered one and had it installed.
It is now at the end of the garden with all our bikes in it and I no longer worry about them being stolen. The colour fits in well and it doesn’t stand out.
I did have a problem with the lock first thing on a Friday morning. I rang Simon at Brodco and he was at our house by lunch time and fixed the problem. Given the distance he had to travel he must have dropped everything to come and resolve the issue.
Great product. Great service.


C Irvine, Surrey

DaylightSECURE 6x6 magnolia/green 314

Well made and compliments our property. The 6×6 size fits perfectly and the colour suits our house.I think one of my neighbours wants to buy one now.






M Roberts, County Durham

M Roberts 6x8 DaylightSECURE

Nigel, thank you, this is sheer excellence. Very much as advertised and promised and your delivery engineers were charming.




















R Grainger, Somerset

R Grainger's 6x8 DaylightSECURE

When we bought our house it came complete with an old wooden shed that took up a large part of our compact garden. It was damp and rotten, and only good for storing old tins of paint as the door didn’t close properly, let alone lock! As keen cyclists and gardeners, our bikes and tools lived safely inside the house with us.

Replacing that old shed couldn’t have come moment too soon. In fact, it practically dismantled itself, it was so rotten.

Now our DaylightSecure is home to our three bikes, all our gardening equipment, as well as a few of those old tins of paint. Our power tools also live there because it’s dry, roomy and more secure than our house.

Its footprint is smaller than our old shed, but it’s much more spacious inside because it doesn’t have one of those slanting roofs. Plus, as someone with a massive fear of spiders, it’s light inside so I’m not scared to venture in anymore.

We’ve just installed electricity inside too by drilling in to the side so I can see it turning into a bit of a summerhouse soon too!

Thanks Brodco – you’ve transformed our garden.



J. Roberts, Cornwall

J Roberts 6x6 DaylightSECURE

All my friends that have seen it are calling it the Cornish Nuclear Bunker and wish me to stock it with food in the event of war!











Mrs E, Dorset

Mrs E 6x8 DaylightSECURE

I am so pleased with my new shed, it’s just as I remember seeing it at the Hampton Court Flower Show and I really appreciate how light it is inside. I cannot believe I have something so sturdy and secure without having the builders in.

The friendly team arrived at the agreed time and erected the shed without any fuss.

Friends who have seen my shed have been really impressed with the quality and look and I would recommend your product to anyone.

I wish you every success with such a good product.


B. Tomlinson, London

The shed hasn’t aged since I put it up and I can confirm that it is as robust as is advertised by the guarantee. Despite, at times, being overtaken by the hedges and trees behind and around it, once chopped back the paint looks the same as the day it was bought and the only maintenance that I have carried out has been the occasional oiling of the hinges on the doors. This is a big advantage over wood and traditional garden buildings, which need regular – time consuming – treatment with preservatives and can be seriously damaged by plant and animal life.

As I mentioned, the Brodco was a real challenge to put up, because of the precise engineering tolerances, in particular getting the polynuggets screed and the walls plumb so that the doors would open correctly. (It actually took me and my father, who helped me, a couple of tries to the point of full wall assembly/disassembly before we got it to work properly.) In retrospect, although I got there in the end, I might as well have just paid for the assembly, which I understand is the model that you have now moved to.

When all is said and done, I mainly value the shed for the security and peace of mind that it brings, knowing that it is probably more secure than my house and the numerous bikes, tools and building supplies that I keep there are as safe from theft as can be reasonably assured. The size is more than sufficient for my house and has accommodated everything that I have flung in it over the past three years, which brings me to the point of ordering the additional TidyUp units. Despite ordering eight with the shed there is still room to spare  on the racks and as the pieces are removable I have the option to compress things to save space or change out the ones that I may use less often.