Police Approved DaylightSECURE Storeroom



Many manufacturers have attempted to make ‘secure’ garden sheds, but it was not until December 2013 that the DaylightSECURE became the first garden shed in the 25 year history of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Secured by Design initiative to achieve their standard. An independent body of experienced engineers at BRE (Buildings Research Establishment) explored every aspect of the product looking for weaknesses. After analysis they attempted a series of physical attacks to attempt to gain entry to the enclosure. The testing was rigorous and destructive. The TPR DaylightSECURE was the first shed ever to succeed and became the police preferred specification.

To watch a video showing a sledge hammer attack on the wall panels and roof click here.


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The TPR advanced composite technology walls and floor are stronger than concrete and will not rot, warp, bend, leach, melt, rust or create condensation. A premium  gel coat is used in the roof construction to ensure good light transmission. The steel door and frame is galvanised before being powder coated.

Maintenance Free

Forget the paint brush; the marine quality gel coating on the walls will never need painting, staining or sealing. The design of the roof ensures any dust or leaves are washed away when it rains. Just a few drops of oil on the hinges occasionally is all that’s required. Simple.

Peace of Mind

With laboratory tests indicating a life of more than 100 years for the award winning TPR composite it is not surprising we offer a Lifetime Structural Guarantee with all our secure storage buildings.

It is also reassuring to know that your investment in secure, dry storage adds value to your property.

And let us not forget our environment; DaylightSECURE buildings are sustainable, recyclable and use waste polymers from industry that cannot usually be recycled.

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