Your Choice of Sizes, Colours and Door Position


Our standard colour range offers a choice of four combinations to suit various landscapes and gardens.

Roof border and door in Hollybush with Ruceda Green walls. Blends well with green gardens, particularly evergreen hedges. Pine Green with Sage Green Walls
.Midnight Brown with Nut Brown Walls Roof border and door in Chocolate Brown with Nut Brown walls. A traditional combination that blends well against walls, fences and most hedges
Roof and door in Hollybush with Magnolia walls. A smart combination for smart gardens. Ideal to feature climbing plants. Pine Green with Magnolia Walls
Midnight Brown with Magnolia Walls Roof and door in Chocolate Brown with Magnolia walls. A popular choice for many environments and ideal for climbing plants.


All our double doors open with the main door opening outward to the right, swinging through a radius of 32” (82cm). The door frame is 4’ (122cm) wide.

Door Position Options

6×4 and 6×6 buildings have the door positioned centrally in the 6’ side

6×8, 6×10, 6×12 and 8×12 may have doors positioned centrally in the short side or to the right or left of centre on the long side.

Door Positions