Garden Buildings

The King of Secure Garden Storage


  • Secure garden buildings – police approved
  • Practical garden buildings – no maintenance
  • Easy access garden buildings – wide door
  • Modern garden buildings – innovative design
  • Durable garden buildings – lifetime guarantee
  • Better garden buildings – add value to property
  • Choice of models – Storeroom or Strongroom
  • Technically advanced – green technology TPR construction


Cusack 314

DaylightSECURE Storerooms and Strongrooms have been designed to provide secure, dry, maintenance free storage. Our garden buildings are used to store tradesman’s tools, scuba equipment, fishing tackle, steam engines, horse tack, photographic equipment, potters wheels, and even a stamp collection. Where secure, dry storage or work space is required a DaylightSECURE can provides the answer.

Rodent Free Garden Buildings

Rodents cannot enter a DaylightSECURE – unless they get in through a door left open.

Garden Buildings With Low Risk Of Condensation

It is impossible to guarantee against condensation, even centrally heated homes can suffer. However, we can guarantee everything possible has been considered in the design to minimise any risk of condensation. The TPR walls have excellent thermal properties and will not attract condensation. Steel is a magnet for condensation, and that’s why our steel doors are double skinned, 50 mm apart with a honeycomb filling to trap air, just like double glazing. Concealed vents in each of the top corners of the building allow air to flow across the underside of the roof, reducing any risk of condensation forming on the composite. And of course on hot, sunny days the vents allow warm air to escape.

Garden Buildings With Wide Access Doors

Some items just don’t want to fit through a standard garden shed door, and that’s why DaylightSECURE buildings have an additional smaller door to provide an opening of 39” (1.093mtr).

Full Height Garden Buildings

Unlike so many garden buildings the DaylightSECURE provides a minimum headroom of 6’4” rising to 7’4” in the centre of the building. Even the door provides more than 6’ of headroom.

Garden Building Workshop

With plenty of daylight entering through the roof our Storeroom is an ideal workshop, studio or even a garden office. The TPR walls can be painted inside or lined with board to give a smooth internal wall. An electric supply can be easily installed, simply drill a wall or floor panel and plug around the supply cable with the colour coded silicone provided. The inside walls can be drilled to secure sockets.

A Clean And Tidy Garden Building

The floor panels are designed to allow water to drain out between the panels allowing the floor to be washed and dry naturally. Brodco offers a range of purpose made TidyUp storage solutions to keep your building tidy. Racks, shelves, hooks and baskets keep many items clear of the floor. The TPR walls can be drilled to take customers’ own storage supports and shelving.

A Garden Building To Compliment Your Garden

A choice of colours allows you to select a DaylightSECURE Storeroom or Strongroom that will compliment your garden. The original combination of Hollybush and Ruceda Green remains popular and blends well with most gardens and evergreen hedging, while the Chocolate Brown and Nut brown combination offers a more traditional look. How about a more contemporary look contrasting Magnolia walls with either Chocolate Brown or Hollybush?


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