Garden Sheds

The King of Garden Sheds

  • Secure garden storage – police approved
  • Practical garden storage – no maintenance
  • Easy access garden storage – wide door
  • Modern garden storage – innovative design
  • Durable garden storage – lifetime guarantee
  • Better garden storage – add value to property
  • Choice of models – Storeroon or Strongroom
  • Technically advanced – green technology TPR construction


DaylightSECURE R GraingerWhen the weather is kind you want to spend your time gardening, not sanding and brushing paint or preservative on your garden shed, or fixing the roof.  That’s why we make our buildings to be maintenance free. A few drops of oil on the hinges occasionally to keep the doors swinging smoothly is all that’s required. Simple.


A Spacious Garden Shed

Because there are no windows in our buildings the useable space is increased. To maximise the space even more we offer some clever storage solutions with the TidyUp range of garden storage accessories. Big tools, small tools, hoses, plant food, chemicals, fuel and more can all be kept off the floor leaving more room for mowers and wheelbarrows.

A Garden Shed To Compliment Your Garden

A choice of colours allows you to select a DaylightSECURE Storeroom or Strongroom that will compliment your garden. The original combination of Hollybush and Ruceda Green remains popular and blends well with green gardens and evergreen hedging, while the Chocolate Brown and Nut brown combination offers a more traditional look. How about a more contemporary look contrasting Magnolia walls with either Chocolate Brown or Hollybush?

An Environmentally Friendly Garden Shed

With so many products designed to provide a limited, throw away life it is re-assuring to know that DaylightSECURE buildings are manufactured using TPR, a sustainable, advanced composite supported by The Carbon Trust and that the buildings are recyclable.

A Garden Shed For All Seasons

Tender plants can be housed safely in a DaylightSECURE building screened from winter winds and frosts. The building is flooded with daylight entering through the roof and watering can be controlled.

An Easy Access Garden Shed

The 1½ double doors offer the choice of opening just the larger door or both doors to provide a wide 39” opening, making it easy for moving wheelbarrows and lawnmowers in and out.

Support Climbers Against Garden Shed Walls

Climbing frames can be screwed to the walls to support climbing plants, safe in the knowledge that you will never have to disturb the plant for maintenance of the walls.

A Garden Shed Without Musty Smells

Our buildings are not made from materials that rot, so there are none of the musty smells associated with wooden garden sheds. Even on cold, damp winter days there is no smell of damp or decay.

A Rodent Free Garden Shed

Rodents cannot enter a DaylightSECURE unless they get in through a door left open!

A Clean And Tidy Garden Shed

The floor panels are designed to allow water to drain out between the panels allowing the floor to be washed and dry naturally. Brodco offers a range of purpose made TidyUp storage solutions to keep your shed tidy. Racks, shelves, hooks and baskets keep your gardening tools where you know where to find them.


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