Construction Materials

All the materials used in the production of DaylightSECURE garden buildings are of the highest quality and specified to provide extended service.



TPR is a synthetic concrete developed as a green technology composite by Affresol with the help of British universities. Manufactured using a unique cold process utilising traceable, non-toxic waste polymers from industry, the product is sustainable, recyclable and supported by The Carbon Trust.

It is estimated that each 6×8 DaylightSECURE saves around 5 cubic meters of raw plastic waste going to landfill – about the same volume as one African elephant!

Extensive tests confirm TPR offers superior strength and flex to concrete despite it being 30% lighter. It has low permeability and excellent thermal properties to reduce any risk of condensation and has a Class E fire classification suitable for building construction.

The TPR production facility is in Wales and all panels are individually handmade.

No other building material can equal the collective qualities of TPR and it is now being specified by  councils, housing authorities, Network Rail and the MOD as a replacement for steel and concrete buildings.

See the Technical Data sheet here.

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TPR® is a registered mark of Affresol Ltd.

Brodco are the sole distributor of TPR garden buildings.



Kevlar is an amazing para-aramid synthetic fibre manufactured by DuPont. In simple terms that’s a super strong plastic that weight for weight is five times stronger than steel. Kevlar is available in a number of forms; as a composite it is used in the manufacture of Formula 1 car bodies, helicopter blades and extensively in the aerospace industry.

In a knitted form it is used for anti-stab and bullet-proof vests by police and military units worldwide and in many products that require high tensile strength combined with resistance to abrasion and heat.

Brodco uses a full layer of Kevlar in the production of the composite Max Strongroom roof.

Kevlar® is a registered mark of DuPont.


All fixings are located inside the building for security.


Screwbolts are a large self-tapping screw with a hexagon head manufactured for joining and securing TPR panels. They are made from 8.8 hardened steel and coated with black zinc, providing double the resistance to salt spray compared to standard zinc coating.

Coach Screws

Stainless steel 80mm coach screws are used to secure the roof to the wall panels. The coach screws will not rust and provide long term security.


1½ Double door. Galvanised steel powder coated 1.5mm frame, 1.0mm door. Double skinned 50mm doors for insulation, frame depth 75mm. Multi point cam operated securing bolts. Stainless steel hinges, sill and handle. Euro style lock. Anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick cylinder. Strongroom has PIN coded cylinder.