4 Steps to Secure Your Motorbike

8th March 2015

Motorcycles can be very attractive to thieves. In the UK, motorcycles account for just 1% of all traffic, and yet 1 in 5 of all vehicle thefts. How do you avoid you bike becoming a statistic?

  1. Position. There is something of a catch-22 situation here – if you hide your motorcycle away somewhere, it is less likely to be targeted by thieves. However, if they gain access to its enclosure, they are now hidden from sight while they work on your bike! The answer is to ensure that where you keep your bike is truly secure. The DaylightSecure Max (LINK) shed is police approved, and will prevent all but the most professional and well-equipped motorcycle thieves from reaching your bike.
    If you don’t have a DaylightSecure Max, try to look at where you keep your motorbike from a thief’s point of view. A garage may seem to be a secure place, but is usually only protected by a weak lock and a single bolt that enters a hole in the floor. A thief could easily break the lock or attack the bolt, and could gain entry in seconds. Any windows are another obvious point of entry, and should ideally be blocked up.
  2. Alarm. There is nothing thieves dislike more than noise, and a loud alarm is the best way to scare them off. So if someone does gain access to your bike, make sure they set off an alarm. Consider having an alarm installed on your bike rather than your shed – this will give you greater protection when your bike is left away from home. Have a quality, Thatcham approved alarm fitted on your bike professionally. This should reduce the cost of your insurance too.
  3. Locks. These provide a visual deterrent as well as a physical one, so make sure it is easy to see. With locks you get what you pay for, and those with a protected clasp are harder to cut. Don’t skimp on the chain either, and don’t use more chain than you need, as any loose chain is easier to break.
  4. Anchor Point. Unless you lock your motorcycle to something, it can just be lifted up and carried into a van. Ideally you should have the best lock and chain you can afford running through the body of the bike, (not just a wheel, which can be removed) and attached to a ground anchor. Ground anchors set into the ground are better than those attached to the surface of the ground. Ground anchors can be installed in the TPR® floor of a DaylightSecure Max when it is constructed, providing the best possible anchor point.

You can read a very interesting Q&A with a policeman and a motorbike thief here: