2016 – Another year with no thefts from our bike sheds or garden sheds!

5th January 2017

We are delighted that another year has passed without any reports of successful forced entries into our Daylight Secure sheds, confirming our claim that our bike storage sheds and garden sheds are the most secure sheds available.

Three customers reported attempted entries during the year:

The first was an attempt to enter the door and the back wall. The gel-coating on a rear panel was marked as evidence of the attempt but that was the limit of the damage. The door was marked with some scratches but that was also the limit of the damage. The customer touched up the scratches.

The second attempt was a more serious one. The hopeful thieves were unsuccessful on their attempt at the door which was discovered the following morning by the customer, but they then returned the second night for another go! The door suffered damage at the lower corner but they were unable to prise the locks. The door had to be replaced which was completed by our installation team within 48 hours.

The third attempt was  against a Max Strongroom roof. Needless to say they got nowhere with that and the noise made by the roof (similar to hitting a drum!) soon encouraged them to depart especially when lights were switched on by the customers and neighbours awakened by the noise.

There was one other incident that we never got to the route of. I received a call from a rather hysterical woman one morning claiming that someone had tried to enter her shed and that it was our fault and asked what we were going to do about it. I did try to get a word in explaining that we cannot control the actions of others but the shed had done its job and prevented the contents from being stolen. I am not sure if this was heard, or understood; I did not get her name but gathered that her husband was away and she wanted me to stop the person from coming back! I heard no more and can only assume that the husband returned and did not think the incident required any further action.

So, another year and all is well, proving once again that a Daylight Secure is a wise investment.