Green Technology Secure Garden Sheds

See why our DaylightSecure sheds are different…

The garden shed has been re-invented. Brodco’s green technology composite garden buildings replace garden sheds, bike sheds, motorbike sheds and garden storage sheds with a modern garden building built for a purpose, not for a price.

Manufactured using advanced TPR sustainable composite our DaylightSECURE range of garden storage Storerooms and Strongrooms are acknowledged by the police as the most secure garden storage buildings on the market.

Not only are our garden buildings the most secure, they offer qualities and benefits that cannot be matched by other garden sheds, which means no more rotting wood to repair, no more leaks to fix, no more painting, preserving or staining, no more free housing for rodents, and condensation is cut to no more than is found in most houses.

Customers can choose from DaylightSECURE Storerooms with a unique daylight roof or DaylightSECURE Max Strongrooms with a Kevlar re-enforced daylight roof. Both models are available in a range of sizes and colours.

Brodco’s composite garden buildings are designed and manufactured in Britain and add value to property. Why settle for a garden shed when you can have a DaylightSECURE?

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DaylightSECURE being erected for leading review magazine Bikes Etc – in less than 1 minute!

DaylightSECURE Bike Sheds

DaylightSECURE Storerooms and Strongrooms are police approved bike storage sheds providing secure, dry bike storage. With most of our models weighing well over a ton a DaylightSECURE is not going to be lifted away with your bikes inside in the same way as weighty bike sheds.

Bike theft is a lucrative and easy target for thieves and a quick channel crossing provides a huge market for stolen bikes. Most bike sheds and bike storage products offer little resistance to thieves and that may be why so many owners are turning to DaylightSECURE buildings for secure bike storage.

DaylightSECURE Motorbike Sheds

80% of stolen motorbikes are taken from owners’ homes and many insurance companies are declining insurance because of an inadequate motorbike garage. Most motorbike sheds and motorbike storage garages offer little resistance to thieves and that may be why so many owners are turning to DaylightSECURE Storerooms and Strongrooms for secure motorbike storage.

Our 1½ doors offer the best of both worlds. Just open the main door of the motorcycle garage for personal entry or swing open the secondary door to provide an access / entry width of 42” (109 cms).

DaylightSECURE Garden Sheds

When the weather is kind you want to spend your time gardening, not sanding and brushing paint or preservative on your garden shed, or fixing the roof. That’s why we make our buildings to be maintenance free. A few drops of oil on the hinges occasionally to keep the doors swinging smoothly is all that’s required. Simple.

DaylightSECURE Garden Storage

DaylightSECURE Storage and Strongrooms have been designed to provide secure, dry, maintenance free storage. Our garden buildings are used to store tradesman’s tools, scuba equipment, fishing tackle, steam engines, horse tack, photographic equipment, potters wheels, and even a stamp collection. Where secure, dry storage or work space is required a DaylightSECURE can provides the answer.

DaylightSECURE Garden Buildings

  • Secure garden buildings are police approved
  • Practical garden buildings require no maintenance
  • Easy access garden buildings have a wide door
  • Modern garden buildings use a innovative design
  • Durable garden buildings come with a lifetime guarantee
  • Better garden buildings add significant value to property
  • Choice of models   –   Storeroom orStrongroom
  • Technically advanced   –   green technology TPR construction